More than just a yoga space

We are here to help you improve your mind, body and well-being. 

From the experienced to the inflexible, we welcome all levels of practitioners to flow with us to upbeat music, with mindfulness, and an encouraging atmosphere at both of our studio locations.

Best of all, this practice will give you something to bring out of the studio & into your life. 

Thanks to our amazing - team and students - we're more than just a yoga space. 
 We are a community of yogis dedicated to living and thriving in the modern world.

Our History

 In 2012 (est. 2013) the original shack was opened in a small enclosed carport on the property of Balance Health and Fitness, on Lemon Avenue in the Rosemary District of Downtown Sarasota. Named The Yoga Shack after its tin roof & rustic charm, this tiny gem quickly became a community of yogis. After a few years this community outgrew its humble abode, and moved into its larger home just around the corner, off Central Avenue, in the very same Rosemary District everyone has come to love.

TYS Caretakers

Co-owners Courtenay & Nikka see themselves as the people

who take care of the magical living thing that is The Yoga Shack.

They're beyond grateful everyday for this gift; and they couldn't do it without their manager extraordinaire, Chelsea, their entire TYS team and it's community. 


TYS Community

Yoga is a force for good not just in our bodies, but in our communities. We host quarterly community events, that are either free, or they're donation based raising money for local charities.