Health: Mind & Body.​ Come work more than just your muscle. 


our warm POWER FLOW CLASS - with stretching & strengthening to both your mental and physical self. Strong postures connected by mindful movements, will get you sweating and your heart rate up. Each sweat class teacher will have a splash of their own individuality while guiding you through. *all levels welcome


 Infrared Heating System


A 45 minute full body circuit class. Fusion of pilates, functional training, & yoga movements. Gain strength for your life & yoga practice, as well as; tone, burn fat, & boost metabolism.


our YIN YOGA CLASS - this slow paced practice challenges the body & mind in new ways, holding postures for longer periods of time 2-5 minutes. Focus on relaxing the muscles and sending energy to ligaments & tendons. Some props are incorporated.


Power vinyasa with inspiration from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga . 

Come build strength and play with pose variations, inversions & more.

Yoga experience recommended, child's poses welcome! 



1 hour workshop style class that will give you the space to experiment, discover, and explore different parts of your yoga practice. Theme & teachers will vary with each occurrence of this class 


Slower vinyasa class with a strong side. Emphasis is on function and form in each posture. Props are used in every class making this accessible for students of all levels. . *all levels / also great place to begin

​Reduced Heat/85°​


This practice is for pregnant women. Helps prepare the body for empowered pregnancy, labor, and birth experiences. Each class will encourage connection to self, as well as baby, with intentionally sequenced postures that will strengthen a mother’s quickly changing body and alleviate stress and anxiety all at once.


This slow and strong flow practice is designed to move you through your body into your soul. Each class features a spiritual message and encourages you to show up fully with yourself to listen for inner guidance. Guided breath and movement are utilized to clear energy blocks and enhance the flow of Prana (energy) throughout your body and mind.

*this class is NON HEATED

* 75 minute class 

*all levels / also great place to begin