Health: Mind & Body.​ Come work more than just your muscle. 


move a little or a lot in our reduced heat FLOW CLASS - with a splash of grounded energy & mellow vibe.  This class offers more cues, variations, and modifications through its basic yoga movements, while still showing its strong side at times. *all levels / also great place to begin

​Reduced Heat/85°​


sweat a little, or a lot in our warm POWER FLOW CLASS - with stretching & strengthening to both your mental and physical self. Strong postures connected by mindful movements, will get you sweating and your heart rate up. *all levels



chill a little or a lot in our YIN YOGA CLASS - this slow paced practice challenges the body & mind in new ways, holding postures for longer periods of time 2-5 minutes. Focus on relaxing the muscles and sending energy to ligaments & tendons. Some props are incorporated.


A 45 minute full body circuit class. Fusion of pilates, functional training, & yoga movements. Gain strength for your life & yoga practice, as well as; tone, burn fat, & boost metabolism.


1 hour workshop style class that will give you the space to experiment, discover, and explore different parts of your yoga practice. Theme & teachers will vary with each occurrence of this class 


Downtown Studio - Infrared Heating System

LWR - currently traditional heating systems

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